Training & Education

The Program improves workplace safety by teaching workers to take responsibility for themselves and their workmates in relation to drug and alcohol use. It does this by conducting site presentations to increase awareness of workplace drug and alcohol issues, training Safety Committee members to recognise problems and to implement the BTG Drug and Alcohol Program, and presenting a specially targeted 2 hour training course to apprentices in TAFE colleges.

Policies & Guidelines

The Program has developed a broad range of policies aimed at improving workplace safety and creating a healthier workforce. These include a Workplace Policy, a policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace, a policy for the Safe Removal of Syringes in the Workplace, Guidelines for the Safe and Responsible Serving of Alcohol at Company Functions, and an Employer’s Guide to the program which was developed in conjunction with major employers and employer groups.

Training Films

The Program produced its first training film, “Not at Work Mate” in 1994. The video was an outstanding success, winning awards in Australia and overseas and soon became an automatic inclusion in site presentations, Safety Committee Training and Apprentice Training Courses. To keep pace with the Program’s expanded education and rehabilitation services, an updated version of the film titled “Just Not at Work, Mate” has been produced. Please see Training Films for details.

Latest News

Putting You In The Picture, July 26, 2010

The Building Trades Group of Unions Drug and Alcohol Program has produced a new training film to provide information for workers and employers about how to deal with drugs and alcohol in the workplace. “Just Not at Work, Mate” replaces the Program’s 1994 video, “Not at Work Mate”. “The original video was very successful. But [...]