The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program is a workplace intervention program that aims to improve safety on building sites by educating workers about the dangers to themselves and workmates of drug and alcohol abuse.

The program has been operating since 1989 and has won numerous international awards, including being recognised by the United Nations as one of 15 projects worldwide that is an example of best practice.

The program offers education for workers through toolbox talks; a development of educational material and Health and Safety Representative training.

It is a system developed by workers for workers that focuses on peer support where workmates are trained to intervene in unsafe situations and to be a contact point for further help.

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The Building Trades Group of Unions Drug and Alcohol Program has produced a new training film to provide information for workers and employers about how to deal with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

“Just Not at Work, Mate” replaces the Program’s 1994 video, “Not at Work Mate”. “The original video was very successful. But we were getting feedback that some workers had seen it several times,” said the Program’s Co-ordinator Trevor Sharp.

He also said the services offered by the Program have expanded considerably since the original video was made.

“We now have residential programs at the new Foundation House, we provide gambling services, and we have set up a very successful apprentice training program,” Sharp said. While the training film contains plenty of new information, the plain-talking style and simple messages of the original video have been retained.

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