The Building Trades Group works closely with our employers to help them establish a compliant and functional policy that is focussed on impairment awareness and safety on site.

One of our core aims is to support employers establish industry regulated standard of policies and procedures, consistent with an employers’ Drug and Alcohol Management Plans (DAMP)


These policies are important for workers, management and employers to achieve clarity around the regulatory requirement and process.

DAMPs should include a clear introduction that covers the purpose of the policy, that outlines the requirement for testing how the program fits in with other operational procedures and project plans.

The roles and responsibilities for all parties, including workers, management and senior management roles, are clearly outlined.

Education and communication is a central component to the success of these programs. DAMPs outline the employers’ policy on inductions, awareness and education training, support services available, and, importantly, what happens when workers have a pre-existing medical condition requiring medication under the policy.

DAMPs also documents the testing pre-conditions around random testing, self-testing, for cause testing and reasonable concern testing, and how testing works on site.

Outcomes and consequences are also documented and support and services identified.

DAMPs should set out confidentiality requirements that are critical for workers The Building Trades Group will work with employers to establish a DAMP for their business as part of the compliance and training process.