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When a worker contacts the Building Trades Group for help, we are able to provide case management assistance, facilitating a smooth pathway into Foundation House or counselling services.

Case Management takes a ‘big picture’ view of the workers’ situation and after an initial assessment, helps the individual to manage their process into getting the help they need, such as arranging detox, liaising with the workers’ employer and the union if necessary, and ensures they get full access to the services available to them.

In the instance that the worker goes into residential rehabilitation at Foundation House, The Building Trades Group Case Management team member then facilitates a handover, delivering clear and concise facts about their case so it’s a smooth start to the recovery process.

When the person is leaving residential rehabilitation, they engage again with their Case Management team member, giving them an extra element of support as they move along their recovery path. If there are concerns, they are supported and acted on.

Critically, all records and conversations are totally confidential and are only used at Foundation House in relation to their treatment.

If you want to speak to a Building Trades Group team member about Case Management, please visit our Contact Us page.

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BTG has been working alongside the construction industry for almost 20 years to support workers to improve their lives away from addiction and impairment.

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