Critical Intervention is a vital, and caring, part of the Building Trades Group programs to support construction workers when they need it most.

Critical Intervention is available to anyone in the construction industry and we’re just one phone call away from coming directly on-site to provide support. We send out someone right away who is a fully qualified counsellor and a part of our team to work directly with individuals who need immediate assistance.

Critical Intervention support is available for workers when, for example, they’re having an episode or realisation, or are unfit for work in that moment and need some assistance.

A senior team member from the Building Trades Group or Foundation House will liaise with the foreman, site representative or union delegate and sit with the worker privately and discreetly, do an initial assessment, gather some background, and then be able to recommend and facilitate some solutions and offer support.

This is a great support to construction workers who are most in need, and we’re just a phone call away.