Three Pillars of Harm Minimisation

The Building Trades Group and Foundation House support the Three Pillars of Harm Minimisation, as set out in the National Drug Strategy 2017-2026

These three pillars are designed to:

  • Reduce supply,

  • Reduce demand, and

  • Reduce harm to workers and their families.

The aim is to build safe and healthy Australian work sites and communities through preventing and minimising alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related health, social and financial harm among workers.

These three pillars, or harm minimisation strategies, provide a realistic and balanced approach to alcohol and other drug use.

Demand Reduction

Preventing the update and/or delaying the onset of use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; reducing the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the community; and supporting people to recover from dependence through evidence-informed treatment.

Supply Reduction

Preventing, stopping, disrupting or otherwise reducing the production and supply of illegal drugs; and controlling, managing and/or regulating the availability of legal drugs.


Harm Reduction

Reducing the adverse health, social and economic consequences of the use of drugs, for the user, their families and the wider community.


This strategy, and these three pillars, underpin the strategic principles of The Building Trades Group and our approach to supporting workers. The Building Trades Group works within this framework in a Best Practice manner and in our partnerships and collaborations, our national direction, and our evidence-informed responses.