Meet The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program


The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program (BTGDA). has over 25 years’ experience in providing alcohol and other drug and impairment awareness training in the building and construction industry.


This training and awareness has never been more important, as code requirements around random drug testing on job sites mean that as a Tier 1 builder or contractor, you must provide random drug and alcohol testing throughout your organisation to be code compliant.


This has meant a rapid need for policies, processes, management training, and worker education on-site. In addition, there needs to be help available for workers who test positive or are in need of support.


We support both workers and employers from the very moment you have contact with The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol program. This end-to-end support system means greater success, access to professionals, and a plan for every step of the way.


ToolBox Talk Program


The Toolbox Program is a fast and easy way to establish a relationship with The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program (BTGDA). This involves onsite education where workers and management receive educational materials that introduce the workforce to new drug and alcohol policies.


Impairment Training Program


Workplace Impairment Training (WIT) was created for site workers as an awareness program that features talks, films and supporting materials. It explains policies, procedures, legislation, and impairment windows for drugs and alcohol, as well as being able to recognise impairment in yourself and others, and the available pathways for help.


The workforce benefits from having clarity of the issues and awareness of the services available to them, and employers benefit from being compliant and being able to offer support to workers who need it.


Outreach Counselling


Workers who have been through Impairment Training with The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program (BTGDA) are entitled to five free counselling sessions with a Foundation House rehabilitation centre professional. Our trainers have found that workers sometimes decide they need help or advice after impairment training, and this service gets them started on their recovery journey.


The Foundation House is a Sydney based rehabilitation program set up for construction workers and their families offering a 28 day rehab program for drugs, alcohol and gambling.

And offer services for rehabilitation when they are needed.


Back To Work Plans


Returning to work after rehabilitation can be a stressful time, and often support is needed to ensure successful transition back to normal life. The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program (BTGDA) back to work plans are a tremendous support for people returning to work after they have been through counselling or rehabilitation at Foundation House. BTGDA has strong relationships with lead and sub contractors, our team members will liaise with the participants’ employers and work out a successful transition back into the workforce.



Research Program


The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program (BTGDA) are always seeking to evolve and improve their programs to maximise their effectiveness and improve the lives of program participants. BTGDA has partnered with Flinders University, thanks to a research grant from NSW Health, to undertake research on workplace impairment training and its effectiveness.


The research is reviewing the training in light of general awareness, behaviour change, and steps to seeking help. We are mid-way through this important two-year research program, and when completed, the findings will be published and will not only inform our training programs but help workplaces and other organisations to refine their policies and procedures.

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