Site Presentations

The Program promotes awareness and workplace safety through drug and alcohol education and awareness sessions presented to personnel on building and construction sites.

These sessions are presented to mass meeting of all workers on site, or in “toolbox meetings” presented to various sub trades. They employ a harm reduction approach that focuses on health and safety and emphasise the impact that unsafe behaviour caused by drugs and alcohol can have on ALL workers. They aim to improve safety on building sites by teaching workers to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their fellow workers in relation to drug and alcohol use; and to inform workers with drug and alcohol problems of available treatment options.

Presented by the Program’s Education Officer, these sessions run for between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of discussion and questions asked. They feature a showing of the “Just Not at Work, Mate” training film which runs for 22 minutes and covers the identification of alcohol, drug and gambling problems, how they affect a person’s ability to work in a safe manner, and how they are dealt with using the Program’s Policy and its intervention techniques.

The training film is our main educational resource and follows the stories of Snake, a brickies labourer, and Troy, an apprentice carpenter, who’s drinking and drug taking is affecting their ability to work safely, and creating problems in their personal lives. It also features the story of Greg, a construction site manager with a gambling problem.

The film looks at how these problems are recognised as safety issues and dealt with through the implementation of the Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program and its workplace policy. It also follows the progression of Snake, Troy and Greg’s problems and highlights the treatment services offered by Foundation House, the Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation Treatment Centre which is located in Rozelle in Sydney’s inner west.

To arrange for a meeting to be conducted on any site please contact our office on 02 9555 7852 or 0417 242 881. There is no charge for these presentations.