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Putting You In The Picture

The Building Trades Group of Unions Drug and Alcohol Program has produced a new training film to provide information for workers and employers about how to deal with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

“Just Not at Work, Mate” replaces the Program’s 1994 video, “Not at Work Mate”.

“The original video was very successful. But we were getting feedback that some workers had seen it several times,” said the Program’s Co-ordinator Trevor Sharp.

He also said the services offered by the Program have expanded considerably since the original video was made.

“We now have residential programs at the new Foundation House, we provide gambling services, and we have set up a very successful apprentice training program,” Sharp said.

While the training film contains plenty of new information, the plain-talking style and simple messages of the original video have been retained.

“We wanted to make sure that we made something that packed an emotional punch, captured the culture of the industry and spoke to construction workers in their language.”

The realistic and confronting film follows the stories of 3 workers and shows how drinking, drug taking and gambling affect their ability to work safely, and creates problems in personal lives.

The film looks at how these problems are recognised as safety issues and dealt with through the implementation of the Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program and its Workplace Policy.

It also highlights the treatment services offered by Foundation House, the Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation Treatment Centre, located in Rozelle in Sydney’s inner western suburbs.

This film is essential viewing for all in the construction industry, particularly Safety Committee members, union officials and delegates, management and employer representatives, and apprentices.

It is also an effective resource for anyone who has responsibilities for maintaining safety standards and preventing accidents, or is concerned with drug and alcohol problems in any other industry or workplace.

It was produced by Maze Productions from Melbourne and was jointly funded by the Building Trades Group of Unions, the federal Department of Health and Ageing, and the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation.

The film runs for 22-minutes, but there is also a 10-minute version especially made for site inductions. Both versions are available for purchase to companies both in and outside the construction industry and come with a training pack that includes overheads, a trainer’s guide and speaker notes, and the DVD.

If you would like to arrange to have “Just Not at Work, Mate” shown at your site or should your employer or someone you know wish to purchase a copy, please call us on (02) 9555 7852.