Just Not At Work Mate Training Film

The principle aim of The Building Trades Drug and Alcohol Program is to improve safety in the workplace by teaching workers to take responsibility for themselves and their workmates in relation to drug and alcohol use.

”JUST NOT AT WORK MATE” is a realistic and confronting training film that follows the stories of Snake, a brickies labourer, and Troy, an apprentice carpenter, whose drinking and drug taking is affecting their ability to work safely, and creating problems in their personal lives.

It also features the story of Greg, a construction site manager with a gambling problem. The film looks at how these problems are recognised as safety issues and dealt with through the implementation of The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program and its workplace policy.

It also follows the progression of Snake, Troy and Greg’s problems and highlights the treatment services offered by Foundation House, the Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation Treatment Centre which is located in Rozelle in Sydney’s inner west. This film is essential viewing for all personnel in the construction industry particularly Safety Committee members, union officials and delegates, apprentices, management and employer representatives.

It is also an effective resource for anyone who has responsibilities for maintaining safety standards and preventing accidents, or is concerned with drug and alcohol problems in any other industry or workplace.

The “Just Not at Work Mate” training film can be purchased individually of as part of a structured Training Course Package.

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