Induction Training Film

The “Just Not at Work Mate” Induction Training Film is a specially shortened version of the full length training film. It runs for 11 minutes and covers the identification of alcohol, drug and gambling problems and how they affect a person’s ability to work in a safe manner.

This shortened version has been designed to be presented as part of an industries induction process, as a stand alone module, or for inclusion in any safety/general training course.

The film is an effective resource for anyone who has responsibilities for maintaining safety standards and preventing accidents, or is concerned with drug and alcohol problems in any other industry or workplace.

It film teaches industry personnel how to identify safety problems related to alcohol and other drug use, to understand, and where necessary, contribute to the process of dealing with the problem, including making the Safety Committee aware that a worker is behaving in an unsafe manner and needs to be removed from the job. It also briefly outlines the rehabilitation and treatment services available at Foundation House, how they are implemented and how they can be accessed.

The Induction Training film can be purchased individually of as part of a structured Induction Training Course Package.

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